cathedral window quilt

Finding lots of inspiration on pinterest for this new quilting caper. I'm really enjoying the process of being inspired, pulling random things together, not thinking too hard about it and seeing how things turn out. And it's so satisfying to complete projects in this new life of never-ending mess, and I have to say, the somewhat 'groundhog-day-ness' of having a baby. That sentence illustrates the difficulty I have in speaking proper English these days. My language is now a mix of baby talk, French, made up words and the odd articulate English sentence.
Anyway, here's a picture of the cathedral window quilt I made for Leo when I was pregnant. It's still my creative pride and joy.


on the move...

Look mum... one hand!!

Yes, it is a whole new world at our place. A world of crawling, pulling himself to standing on everything,  difficult nappy changes, rolling on the bed ("there were three in the bed, and the little one said, roll over, roll over..."). It's a bit more of a challenge, I must say. Gone are the days of plonking him on the floor to entertain himself for a while. I am in a bit of a quandary of how much to 'child-proof' and how much to just teach him that there are things that are not for touching. Some of both, I guess.
But as well as the challenges, there are new joys as well... more cuddles, more recognition of things and words, more of the personality of this little one emerging. Amazingly, more room in my heart for bigger love...


things are looking up...

Not sure why I am unable to photograph the whole of his head, but anyway.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


Baby quilt

Some piecing together while grandma does her thing, a few quilting lines during a nap, some binding over an evening DVD, and voila...

I was waiting for the sun to come out to take these pictures but it was being stubborn and I was getting antsy so here they are anyway.
I wanted to use what I had, so I rummaged through my fabric collection and these colours emerged. It's a bit Autumn-y, but that's ok. It can be enjoyed by those in the Northern Hemisphere (and has been entered into celebrate color  for that very purpose). I like it - very free form, wayward lines, not too much thinking. Just the way I roll really. 


Nine months

Nine months ago today, a little being, our little son, arrived in the world. He has now been here on the outside for the same amount of time as he was inside my belly. Nine whole months.
He had trouble arriving. We had prepared for a normal physiological birth. ie. no drugs, no obstetricians, just us and the midwives and our doula and lots of breathing and moving. But he had other ideas and three days of labour later, we needed some assistance. But I have been able to accept that that was the path meant for us and to be immensely grateful for modern medical services, without the help of whom I would probably not be here right now. He came to us, healthy and perfect and that is all that matters.
And now, this little boy is the calmest, coolest, happiest little poppet that I've ever met. He is full of joy and giggles and wonderment for the world. And he lights up my life like nothing else.
I am one lucky lady that he is in my life.



Some friends of mine are getting married tomorrow and I've made them some hand printed and sewn linen napkins. This design is from Lena Corwin's book  "Printing by Hand", which I LOVE. I made bed linen using the pattern a couple of years ago and then haven't done any printing since, so it was a nice little return to it this week. I am so getting my creative mojo back.
I'm tempted to enter Leslie Keating's handprinted fabric swap but I'm getting so into the quilts that I don't really want to be diverting my creative energies elsewhere at the moment (apart of course from wedding gifts!) Baby quilt #2 is almost done - stay tuned for photos.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Softies for Mirabel

I've mentioned on here before about the Softies for Mirabel campaign run by Pip at Meet me at Mikes. A little disclaimer... Mirabel is actually the organisation I work for (though I'm on maternity leave obviously at the moment) and though that makes me fairly biased, I'm still going to vouch for what an amazing organisation it is. Mirabel works with children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental illicit drug use. Special kids, and incredible people - usually grandparents - who are now raising them.
Go here for more information (or ask me in comments).
And if you're the crafty type, check it out and get 'softy-ing'.

the below little clip was made by Japanese Vogue... hilarious.


Wow. Look at this amazing handmade whale. How awesome is that. I found this on Pinterest and followed the link to a tutorial on this BLOG. Not in English but enough great photos to have a crack at it. I've got three months till the poppet turns one...