Nine months

Nine months ago today, a little being, our little son, arrived in the world. He has now been here on the outside for the same amount of time as he was inside my belly. Nine whole months.
He had trouble arriving. We had prepared for a normal physiological birth. ie. no drugs, no obstetricians, just us and the midwives and our doula and lots of breathing and moving. But he had other ideas and three days of labour later, we needed some assistance. But I have been able to accept that that was the path meant for us and to be immensely grateful for modern medical services, without the help of whom I would probably not be here right now. He came to us, healthy and perfect and that is all that matters.
And now, this little boy is the calmest, coolest, happiest little poppet that I've ever met. He is full of joy and giggles and wonderment for the world. And he lights up my life like nothing else.
I am one lucky lady that he is in my life.

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  1. A lucky lady indeed. Happy 9 months beautiful Leo.
    Its lovely to watch you grow.

    You know how I feel about birth. You did 'orright Mama! He's perfect!