A lovely, relaxed Christmas has been had. Even though it's sad not to be able to see hubby's family very often, at least it means there's no rushing around between various family shindigs on Christmas day. We just stay put and soak up the goodness. 

And now that all the making has been done (we do home made presents every year), the planning and cooking finished, the catching up with all and sundry over... NOW we can just rest and relax and count down the days till ARRIVAL. I'm due in 5 days. It's such a strange feeling - so hard to anticipate the changes that are about to hit. impossible actually. So we just enjoy these quiet days, make the most of big nights of sleep, nest and rest and look forward to meeting our little one...


This morning I baked the most ridiculous cinnamon buns (it's possible that I may have eaten three) and spent a lovely couple of hours reading my latest edition of Dumbo Feather and pottering. I could get used to this lady of leisure business.


happy birthday to me...

Despite waking up with a mother of a head cold, I had a lovely birthday yesterday. Aided immeasurably by hubby's crepes in bed in the morning. He's a keeper, that one. 


a little more makin'...

I made a little roll up changing pad from Lotta Jansdotter's book, 'Simple Sewing for Baby' this afternoon. Didn't take long and if I might say so myself, it's pretty darn cute...


cathedral window quilt... c'est finit!

Many hours of hand stitchin' in front of DVDs has culminated in this little baby. hard to get a good photo but you get the idea. I can't wait to see the little one snuggled up in it. or on it. or under it.
And the Christmas 'tree' is up!


wow. that nesting instinct really kicks in, doesn't it?


                photo by my sister, Liz

* just spent an awesome weekend with great friends at a folk festival in the bush. Much time was spent hanging around in hammocks and cooling ourselves in the newly swollen river. 
* and today is a monday and I am not on my way to work. Here begins a year's worth of hanging at home with my bubba. There's an obvious lack of baby at this stage, but a to do list a mile long (which includes much putting up of feet, watching of test cricket (yes, I know), crafting and nesting and general domesticity!)