My sister and her partner are co-owners of a fabulous property in country Victoria. They decided a while ago to host a little party/festival over the Easter weekend, complete with bands, meals, camping, beach time - Leo's first toes in the ocean - and lots of entertaining extras. We took Leo along for his first camping experience (although we ended up taking advantage of an extra room in the house) and we all had a ball. I had trouble leaving to come back to the big city and am already missing the fresh air, simple living and wide open spaces...


hot cross buns

got baking again today, very satisfying. And I love this time of year, if only because I get the excuse to make these Delicious hot cross buns. I got the recipe a couple of years ago from the 'diet schmiet' segment on Triple R breakfast. It uses cranberries and lots of spices and really is super yummo. Is there anything better than a baby finally napping (not usually very good at it) and allowing me half an hour for a cup of tea and a fresh hot cross bun with more butter than I would if I wasn't alone?!!

note to self... take off rings before kneading dough. 




As usual, I've been dreading the end of daylight saving and the onset of shorter days and early sunsets and the looming winter months. However, now that it's here, I'm suprisingly unbothered. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I'm almost enjoying it. Perhaps it's because I'm not currently working and so not having to face the months of getting home from work in the dark. Perhaps its because I'll be around to still be able to enjoy our evening sunsets from our newly repaired balcony.

Or perhaps its because for the first time in ages, this weekend I got out my huge Le Creuset pot and cooked up a big wintery lamb stew. I've always liked the idea of slow cooking but for some reason I've never really managed to get into it. That's all about to change. I actually have time to do it now. Or perhaps more to the point, to plan it. To browse recipes, visit the markets, buy quality produce, experiment with this and that, and get some good old fashioned peasant food on the table. mm mmm.

Or perhaps it's because this winter, we'll be spending 6 weeks in the French summer!