Our little man has arrived!

Leo Sydney Puech came into the world on the 10th Jan, weighing 3.5kg.
We're all doing well now after a few complications and are home and just soaking up the delights of this new little life.
So amazing...


waiting, waiting...

6 days past the due date now and nothing to report still. So I'm occupying myself by doing a bit of crafting. Including an iphone cover for a friend who has a habit of dropping hers, some little baby bloomers, and a couple of fitted baby sheets from a stash of vintage bed sheets collected by my sister.

We're ready for you, little one...



Well, it's 2011. The due date has come and gone and nothing to report as yet. We're just hanging around, getting stuff done, preparing our home and our heads and waiting. And reflecting on the year just gone and the year ahead.

What a fabulous year 2010 was. We got married, we went on a trip with hubby's French family, we moved into our very own home, and then we got pregnant!

And now we just wait for this new year to bring us our little baby and for our whole world to change! I can't wait to meet this little person and see who he/she is. Any day now...