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Farewell and hello...

Well I mentioned that there's a bit going on here and one of those things is an online move!

So "Three and a View" is coming to an end, and in its place is a new blog for all things quilty, creative and toddlery...

Miette Handmade blog

There's an updated website and a new etsy shop (slowly being added to!) and more exciting things to be announced soon.

Thank you for visiting this place over the last 18 months or so... it has been a lovely little world to join and be a part of and I genuinely appreciate the comments and emails and feedback.
I so hope that you'll join me over at our new home. If you have a link or a reader or some such thing, please make sure you change it over.

So fill up your glass with a bit of bubbly, and here's to a new chapter!
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** love **

... I'm not feeling that I have much to say here at the moment. I have so much going on elsewhere, and so much I'm trying to do at once, that this is the place that's getting the least attention. But that's ok. I'm popping in with a little snapshot of the most important things, and I shall be back shortly with more to share...



So I had all these ideas of a lovely refreshed, organised start to the new year and instead I feel exhausted and chaotic. The last couple of weeks have been mad - returning to work part time, Leo's birthday, house sitting, three days of fever in the little one etc etc. I haven't been able to get half the things I wanted to done. But we are going away for the weekend to this place to celebrate my parents' 40th wedding anniversary - how inspiring - and so hopefully will be able to recharge the batteries a little.

In the meantime, I have managed to discover this:

I have no idea where I found this idea - online I think but no more clues than that (apologies if it's your website and I'm not crediting it). Then a friend mentioned that she tried it. Banana icecream! Made using ONLY BANANAS. 
Just peel them, pop them in the freezer for a bit and then chuck 'em in the food processor and whiz until they turn creamy. Amazing. And yum. Good for littlies and biggies too. Give it a try...


made to play!

We've tried to keep plastic and mass produced toys and playthings to a minimum here in Chez Leo. Much of what he has is handmade, or handed down or handcrafted in natural materials. I don't want to be too precious about it but I know that he, I and the world benefits from reducing waste and packaging and plastic crappiness and increasing simple, creative and lovingly made things for him to interact with.

My sister gave us this amazing book for Leo's birthday (I say 'us' because first birthdays are all about the parents, really aren't they?) which you may know about but is new to me and I thought I'd share it here because I LOVE it.
It's by Joel Henriques (the website is pretty great too) and describes simple, handmade toys to make for your little one, even if you're not particularly handy or creative. It's beautifully photographed and very inspiring and has given us lots of ideas for our now one year old, who day by day is growing more aware of the world around him.


oh, and apologies for weird header thing. I'm in the process of changing a few things around and I'm afraid it's happening in stages. Possibly not a brilliant idea to do it in the middle of a week which involves going back to work, Leo's birthday, a few other people's birthdays, a friend's twins arriving and out of town visitors!
So just stay with me...


Yesterday, our beautiful little boy turned one...

It's possible that it may have been used as an excuse to go to our favourite cafe...

where Leo had his first taste of blueberry pancakes...

and mama indulged...

and Leo was set loose with a bumble bee...

Happy birthday my little one!