100 rambles!

Well I just realised that this is my 100th post on this here little blog!

Not a bad way to finish up the year. phew, and what a year it's been. Our little man came into the world at the very beginning of 2011, and here almost a year later, he's just such a joy and delight. Every day, his personality shines out a little more and I can see that he's going to develop into a strong willed, independent and adventurous being. Not unlike his parents I guess.

So Christmas is almost upon us and we are EXHAUSTED. Like most at this time of year. We are heading off down to the beach for Christmas and the week following and I am looking forward to just. stopping.
Family, walks, swims, books, food, wine, sharing, playing, laughing, relaxing, family, relaxing, family, relaxing...

So I'm going to sign off now for a little break. Wishing you and yours all a very happy Christmas and new year, wherever you may be in this not so large world of ours. Thank you for tuning in to my sporadic rambling.

See you in the new year!
xx joanna


Yesterday, I turned 34. My first birthday as a mother... a lovely lovely thing. Funny to think back at this time last year when I was waddling around, wondering just who was this little person in my belly.
This year, I had TWO boys bring me breakfast in bed, and then we ate lunch at a favourite cafe and then celebrated with friends and family in the park. Champagne, games, fun presents (and wrapping), cup cakes... what more can a girl ask for?!


to market to market (and other things Christmassy)

aaah, finally the world is slowing somewhat. My quilts are all made, my hours in front of the sewing machine becoming (much) fewer, and the market done. It was a great experience and quite thrilling to be on the other side of the table. A few quilts are going out into the world and I have a commission, and it was great to get the name out there, speak to people, get some lovely feedback and meet lots of other creative people.

It's been wonderful and the start of hopefully an exciting journey but it has also been utterly exhausting.  The last few weeks have been so hectic that I haven't even been able to think about Christmas. And I've felt quite annoyed about that, because I love this time of year. Christmas in Australia is a wonderful thing. I know it's hard for those up North to get their head around it, but I just love December in Summer. Long days, balmy nights, cricket on the radio, bare feet and seafood on the barbecue. And this year, there is a new person in the world to introduce all that to (well perhaps not the cricket, but he'll get there).

So I am excited to have the stress of recent weeks over, and to be able to embrace the giddy joy of this time of year. To get out the box of decorations and perhaps put up a little tree. To focus my creative energies on making handmade presents for the family, a little tradition we have which I love. A post on this to come shortly.

In the meantime, here are a few little (phone) pictures of the stall I shared with my sister...



Ah camping, how I love thee...

And so it would seem, does Leo. Yes darling, that's a leaf.