There's not much going on here at Chez Leo other than sewing sewing sewing.
With a little bit of sunny balcony bathtime thrown in to the mix.

Happy first day of summer to those of us down here in the Southern hemisphere.  To celebrate, we are going camping this weekend - one of my favourite activities in the world, and one which has been rather missed lately.

This is me - well, my belly - one year ago exactly, camping and counting down the weeks till baby's arrival. Will be lovely to go again, this time with the little tyke joining us on the outside!



thank you fabric angels...

Last weekend at a market, I came across the mother-load of fabrics. I couldn't quite believe my eyes. There before me, lay baskets of beautiful fabrics, gorgeous colours and prints. Old liberty and Amy Butler numbers. AMAZING. I held my breath and muttered please please please while asking the lady how much she was selling them for. And then nearly fell over when she answered. Well alright then, I'll take the lot thank you very much.

And just as my stash was getting a bit low.


My news...


the buzz


buzz buzzz....

(another weekend away, including a dress up barbecue - hence the spazzy little outfit - and some glorious beach time).

  *** And stay tuned for some exciting news ***



My grandfather was an amazing gardener and farmer. As were my husband's grandparents. His father has now retired from a paying job and spends his days growing the most delectable and abundant supply of fruit and vegetables in the south of France.
Unfortunately, the green thumb has by-passed us both (fingers crossed it will turn up in the poppet). Still, we're summoning the collective ancestral knowledge and instinct and trying to create a little green haven on our small inner city balcony. Ce n'est pas facile. Mais... we're getting there. A pallet box raised garden bed has been created, old pots have been found and resurrected, seeds have been sown and every morning the poppet and I are out there watering, weeding, willing them on. And what do you know... the darn little things are growing.


more baby quilts

We've just returned from a lovely little weekend away filled with all sorts of treats, including time to finish off another quilt...