I've been waking up early lately.... my body preparing me for less sleep perhaps?? So I'm fortifying myself with home made bircher muesli.

Today begins my last week at work!


not much to report over here...
Busy at work; it's been hot and now it's raining; I'm feeling tired; we've almost finished birthing classes and went to an amazing session this week by Rhea Dempsey; and also made it up to Hanging Rock to see Leonard Cohen on the weekend... wow.
Did also manage to buy a few new bits of fabric so that I can finish off the quilt once I finish work and have a bit of time on my hands!


We get awesome parcels from France, and lately have been hitting the jackpot with beautiful Frenchy baby things (as well as Christmas presents for us, our favourite French lollies and newspapers!)


morning view during the week...
(those light flashes are obviously not supposed to be there but I kind of like them nonetheless)


Parsley agogo...

My sister's vegie garden has gone bananas, thanks in part to Melbourne's abundant rains lately. So she gave me a mountain of parsley, which I've had to develop various uses for. Normally an easy task, but the sheer amount of it has stretched me slightly...

cup day barbecue burgers

salads (my sis made a fabulous tabbouleh with her lot which I forgot to photograph)

parsley pesto (mixed through a chicken and broad bean risotto) 

And there's still more to go! Anyone got more good ideas for parsley use? 


Dear big silly horse race

There's a lot I don't like about you. horses getting whipped and raced for our viewing and betting pleasure, the public in various stages of disgrace, consumerism gone wild. 
HOWEVER... you do give us a day off work (which in itself is a bit weird) and when added with a cheeky monday off, it totals a massive 4 day weekend. And for that, I will always love you. 

I got heaps done this weekend...
worked on the latest baby quilt (a cathedral window quilt - this one for us); 
we painted two rooms, mixing our own colours using fabulous, non-toxic, non-smelly bio paints;
I got a pedicure - joy;
roasted a chook; 
saw a movie;
and the cup hasn't even been raced yet!

with guilty thanks...