made to play!

We've tried to keep plastic and mass produced toys and playthings to a minimum here in Chez Leo. Much of what he has is handmade, or handed down or handcrafted in natural materials. I don't want to be too precious about it but I know that he, I and the world benefits from reducing waste and packaging and plastic crappiness and increasing simple, creative and lovingly made things for him to interact with.

My sister gave us this amazing book for Leo's birthday (I say 'us' because first birthdays are all about the parents, really aren't they?) which you may know about but is new to me and I thought I'd share it here because I LOVE it.
It's by Joel Henriques (the website is pretty great too) and describes simple, handmade toys to make for your little one, even if you're not particularly handy or creative. It's beautifully photographed and very inspiring and has given us lots of ideas for our now one year old, who day by day is growing more aware of the world around him.


  1. Love it! I've been trawling etsy for such toys and I've come accross some beauties... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the plastic fantastic overload from the grandparents! Eeep! Although on Lalie's first bday invites I have kindly asked that gifts be in the form of their favourite book... I might get a few repeats but better than a ton of fluro plastic, right?

    Love the rug!

  2. this looks right up your alley, if i remember right you had a template for a darling stuffed whale. Am I right? You should share if you finished it!? Please? :)

  3. Claire, yes it's the gifts from others that are often the problem! We too asked for no presents for Leo's birthday - just a plate of food for the picnic! Moderate success there.
    And Jaclyn, hmm... yes, the whale. It's been pushed down the 'to do' list I'm afraid. But one day it will be made. And I'll be sure to post the results! Hope your pregnancy is going along well...

  4. I understand, I'll look forward to it for now. One more month til due day for us over here! And I am now the proud over of both Bon iver CDs. :)