So I had all these ideas of a lovely refreshed, organised start to the new year and instead I feel exhausted and chaotic. The last couple of weeks have been mad - returning to work part time, Leo's birthday, house sitting, three days of fever in the little one etc etc. I haven't been able to get half the things I wanted to done. But we are going away for the weekend to this place to celebrate my parents' 40th wedding anniversary - how inspiring - and so hopefully will be able to recharge the batteries a little.

In the meantime, I have managed to discover this:

I have no idea where I found this idea - online I think but no more clues than that (apologies if it's your website and I'm not crediting it). Then a friend mentioned that she tried it. Banana icecream! Made using ONLY BANANAS. 
Just peel them, pop them in the freezer for a bit and then chuck 'em in the food processor and whiz until they turn creamy. Amazing. And yum. Good for littlies and biggies too. Give it a try...

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