This last year has been a massive one... such a life changing thing it is to bring a being into the world! I hardly feel ready to begin a new one, but begin it we have and so on with the show.

We've just returned from an insanely lovely time at the beach, hanging out with family, introducing Leo to ocean swims, to bicycle rides, to the joy of knocking down towers of blocks, to eating mangos in the pool, to Christmas goodness. And this week, we relish in his papa being home from work for another few days - so many jobs to get done! But also more swims, visits to the museum, picnics and more bike rides. 
And only then shall we get a bit more serious and on to the business of this new year. There are exciting things afoot... a semi return to work, more for Miette Handmade, and an impending first birthday to celebrate! 

Here are a few snaps from these delightful weeks...


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