getting my craft on

After 8 months, I'm getting crafty again. Leo is now (thank god) having better naps during the day and is actually staying asleep once he goes to bed at night (believe me, sleep has not always been our friend in this house). So finally I am actually able to get some things done other than just washing the dishes and getting dinner ready. 
I had a slight meltdown recently which I realised was due to the lack of having any real time to myself and the lack of any creative outlet. And so, I am now making time. While Leo naps or when he goes to bed, I am getting my craft on and producing something. Baby quilts in fact. I may even have myself a stall at a Christmas market come december, just as motivation. But for now it just feels good to be doing something that's not baby related. 

And as an added bonus, what do you know, measuring tapes make good toys... 

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  1. Aw that little face! Who would have thought that measuring tape tasted so good?

    Enjoy your quiet crafty times. x