This weekend we:

# went for early morning walks (ok, so when I say 'we' I mean Leo and his papa, while I luxuriously stayed in bed)

# Had a picnic on a sunny sunday with doting grandparents

# Had varying levels of success with new foods

# And hung out in a field of daisies!


  1. Hi Joanna, thank you for popping by my blog and reminding me that you're back from holidays... I'll be sure to visit you a bit more often now :)

    Love the light in that first picture! And where is that beautiful park? LOVE all the old buildings around it - almost looks like the English countryside! x

  2. Thanks Claire,
    yes it's a gorgeous picnic spot. It's an old artist's colony in the outer suburbs of Melbourne called Montsalvat... www.montsalvat.com.au

    And re. your other comments, we're doing the same as you - combination of mashed vegies/ fruits/ oats etc and various finger foods. He LOVES feeding himself toast with avocado. I find that fingers of vegies just get mushed everywhere but it's fun nonetheless.
    And yes, poor little mite with all those teeth - 7 1/2 months and no. 6 on its way!! Look forward to hearing about how you find the teething necklace...