new purchases

I'm not much of a shopper. And I have really hardly bought anything for Leo - we've been given so much, and the rest is hand me downs from friends and family and lucky finds and salvages and things I've made.
But this week I couldn't resist a few things...

* the cutest tie-dyed t-shirt from oishi-m (check out their online shop... amazing stuff - I also bought a pair of the skinny jeans for Leo  - on sale - which are awesome)

* cool op-shop finds - quilty blanket thing with alphabet and spots ($4) and DESERT boots, yes desert boots ($1.50). nice.

* AND... I had been seeing this in the window of a nearby shop for AGES (there's a lot of capital letters going on around here) and kept resisting because I thought it was a bit too expensive. But it kept calling me. And seeing as I don't think I'd even bought him a single toy myself yet, I decided I could splurge on this one. Locally made (well, in the state) from recycled wool blankets, this ball was just too beautiful to pass up. I suppose that makes it more for me than for him, but he does seem to like it...


  1. oh my, i like that ball too, and the boots, what a lucky wee man he is!

  2. I LOVE that ball. My husband would, too. He's obsessed with those retro checkered wool blankets! x