So the weather is glorious, the food, well what can I say about French home cooking? Fresh from Papi's gardens, cooked with some mysterious flare or ingredients that I'm sure I just couldn't replicate. And the bisous and hugs have been brewing for 5 months for this little Australian grandchild and are now flowing with abundance!

I am sitting in front of a computer that is from the 1980s and takes the morning to load and the sun is beckoning and the kitchen smells are calling to me and mu bubba is playing with his toes in the garden and so I dont think I'll be spending much time here.
Just wanted to pop in with a little hello from the South of France, a little pic of our already well travelled bubba (we stopped in Bali on the way for 4 days for a friend's ridiculously luxurious 40th birthday thankyou very much) and the information that I will pop in every now and then if it's raining. maybe.

Sending much sun, smelly cheese, and wine collected in jerry cans from the local producer to wherever you are...

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