Holy crap it's cold here. I normally don't mind a bit of chilliness but I'm really struggling at the moment... it's positively icy.
Just as well I'm heading to summer in little over a week!! Yes, we're packing our bags and lugging Leo to the sunny shores of France to hang out with the hubby's family for 6 weeks. Bliss...

I'm reminding myself of our last trip there... full of sun, beautiful food, fresh produce, good wine and did I mention sun? Just got to get through one more week of winter (and a rather long plane trip).


  1. It looks amazing.
    I can imagine how excited you must all be to go back!

  2. France! How fun! I'm wildly envious! Hope you have a wonderful trip. Kellie xx

  3. i hope you and your family have a beautiful trip. but then it's france...so how could you not! x

  4. I. am. so. jealous.

    have fun and take lots of pics for us! x claire

  5. while it's not as cold in sydney, i would love love love to be spending 6 weeks in france! i look forward to seeing the pics!