Dear big silly horse race

There's a lot I don't like about you. horses getting whipped and raced for our viewing and betting pleasure, the public in various stages of disgrace, consumerism gone wild. 
HOWEVER... you do give us a day off work (which in itself is a bit weird) and when added with a cheeky monday off, it totals a massive 4 day weekend. And for that, I will always love you. 

I got heaps done this weekend...
worked on the latest baby quilt (a cathedral window quilt - this one for us); 
we painted two rooms, mixing our own colours using fabulous, non-toxic, non-smelly bio paints;
I got a pedicure - joy;
roasted a chook; 
saw a movie;
and the cup hasn't even been raced yet!

with guilty thanks...


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  1. hey like that blue... the ever productive woman, you are. we proud you!