Yesterday, I turned 34. My first birthday as a mother... a lovely lovely thing. Funny to think back at this time last year when I was waddling around, wondering just who was this little person in my belly.
This year, I had TWO boys bring me breakfast in bed, and then we ate lunch at a favourite cafe and then celebrated with friends and family in the park. Champagne, games, fun presents (and wrapping), cup cakes... what more can a girl ask for?!


  1. Hi Joanna! First of all, happy birthday for Saturday! Secondly, thanks for dropping by the Creative Women's Circle stall at the Harvest market yesterday... I checked out your Miette website this morning after adding your details to our mailing list, then found your blog this afternoon via your comment on Sausage Dogs :) Small internet world!
    I spent most of the market day inspecting the variety of prams and baby carriers shuttling young ones around the market, and I distinctly remember seeing your son so happy in his cloth carrier! What a cutie. I'm expecting my first (a boy) in April, so will be following your blog with interest from now on :)
    Have a happy Christmas! x tess

  2. Tess, that's so lovely. And yes, what a small world it is. Have been checking out the Creative women's circle site and am loving it. You do an amazing job! All the best with the rest of your pregnancy. And I highly recommend the hug-a-bub... as you saw, our little one loves it!

  3. Oh, and happy Birthday to YOU, too! ... I happened to completely miss this! x