Melbourne's weather gets a bad rap. But personally, I love it. I love the unpredictability of it. I'm not one for routine (as evidenced by my son's sleeping habits) and so I really enjoy the anticipation of what might come next. I love early spring here, when the cold days are interspersed by random days of warmth and sunshine. And then weird days like today... perfectly warm, but with dark skies and heavy wind and the promise of both rain and hot days ahead.

But anyway, enough about the weather. Spring is here and inevitably, I have the urge to purge. I took a bag of clothes to the op shop this morning and now I'm having trouble looking past the accumulated clutter, dirty windows and bathroom tiles that need scrubbing.
But I find it hard to get things done. Not just because the little poppet is demanding, and well, a baby. But because I've always been someone who works well under pressure - the busier I am, the more productive I am. I think most of us are like that. And having a baby is a different sort of busy. I'm constantly "on" but  I'm not actually doing that much. And I'm definitely not under much pressure, other than to get my boobs out on demand (by the baby in case you were thinking otherwise). So I find it hard to get motivated and productive. Hard to just get started. 

Any one else with little ones feel like this?

** this picture has nothing to do with anything really, other than impending summer. It's the gorgeous region where hubby is from in France. *sigh*

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  1. I hear you sister! Honestly, a good day for me is if I get to shower, eat something and clean up last night's dirty dishes.

    They (the babes) are adorable but all consuming. I think you just have to surrender and be happy with achieving the small things.

    That picture takes me away to a faraway place. lovely