bloody little chompers

This is the state of affairs at the moment. One moment, all sweetness and giggles. The next, the world is ending. Going by the amount of drool flowing out of his mouth and the seemingly endless stream of teeth breaking through, I'm assuming that teething is the cause of our troubles.

Still, that doesn't help me much. I miss my quiet little bundle of charm. And those 5.30am wake ups are not overly impressing me either...


  1. Teething is so tough! And he seems to have quite a lot...and early! Is he only 7 months with all those chompers? Wow... no wonder you've had a tough time. I've only just started using the amber necklace on Lalie but I will be sure to let you know how it goes... everyone seems to swear by them. fingers crossed. I'm desperate!! x P.S - he is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Oh those teeth! We're getting the back ones now with our little monkey. Plus the tantrums have started, what a mix! Always something fun to look forward to isn't there, hahaha