The sling

Leo loves being in the sling. We have a hug-a-bub and it's been a huge success. Everyone loves it. Papa often takes him for morning walks and it's a beautiful close bonding time for them. I find it an easy way to carry him around, either when out doing the shopping or general wandering, or at home while I'm getting dinner on or doing the cleaning. It allows us to eat out at fancy restaurants, and it's a sure fire way to get him to sleep when he's a bit restless and cranky. Even the Aunties and Grandparents use it with him! We have used it since he was born and now it's such a comforting place for him to be...

(apologies for a couple of bad phone photos but you get the idea...)

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  1. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog via the design files comments (occasionally I'll click on one or two of the links to see others' blogs)...and being that I am about to be a first time mama, I was naturally curious about what you had to say :)

    I'm finding mama blogs are so addictive at this stage (almost 20 weeks!) - and such a great source of advice and support.

    The hug-a-bub sling looks lovely - I'll remember your recommendation for when the time comes!