Nigel Slater, I've got a crush on you

I have no idea what Nigel Slater looks like, but regardless, I've got a big fat crush on him.
I love his writing style, his approach to food and the way he puts together simple nourishing ingredients to make a speedy but delicious dinner. I often feel that I need to make a 'proper' big meal for dinner, but Nigel encourages me otherwise (particularly enticing during these days of little time and few hands).

 For example:

*salad of raw apple, spinach leaves, toasted walnuts and crumbled roquefort wtih toasted baguettes (followed by plum crumble). um, ok.
*The end of a tarragon plant roughly chopped as a crumbing for fish fillets, served with lightly steamed rainbow chard. mmm...
*roast aubergine and zucchini slices with tomatoes left in the oven till their skin blackens, tossed with olive oil, basil and baby mozzarella. Well yes, that'll do...
(taken from Slater's 'The Kitchen Diaries').

I have a ton of cook books, which I can somehow trawl through and still fail to come up with ideas. But a Nigel Slater book never fails to deliver. I will flick through saying to myself, 'mm, that could be tonight's dinner'. 'Ooh, that would be good to take to mum's on the weekend', or 'ooh that English apple cake would be perfect for mum's group tomorrow'.

And yes indeedy it was...

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  1. oh wow. I wish you were a member of my Mothers Group! Looks delicious!