phew. Here we go. It's like opening a new notebook and being faced with crisp white pages that intimidate the crap out of me. But boldly I will go...

I'm hesitant to start this blog. There are so many out there. Do I really have anything interesting and new to say? Perhaps not, but I will give it a red hot go anyway, and we'll see what happens. Let's just say it's for me, and if anyone else enjoys it, well that's a bonus.

This crisp white space will hopefully be a little outlet for words and pictures that reflect what's happening in my little ol' life and its surrounds. A baby growing in my belly, a newish apartment with a view over the city skyline of Melbourne, good food I'm cooking, great music I'm listening to, projects I'm creating, things that inspire...

Let's get cracking and see how it goes. xx

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  1. It always takes a leap of faith...who will read what I write? who will want to read what I write? will I write if no-one reads?

    All part of blogging. Welcome